We are a combination of artists and tacticians, imagining, coordinating, and creating livable places.


By designing a building from the inside-out as much as from the outside-in, we inculcate a sense of continuity and connection to the wider world.


We believe in being well out front. Our team conducts and disseminates evidence-informed and comparative research worldwide, allowing us to create operationally efficient and effective architecture.


team frequently works as an integral part of the overall studio, designing specific building elements.


We design efficient building systems that reduce energy and water consumption, enhances user comfort and ensures indoor environmental quality.


Acting as a catalyst for thought leadership at the practice, the Sustainability Group looks at ways to advance our sustainable design processes.

Urban Design

Designing at the urban scale is a complex undertaking, whether it involves a masterplan for a city, a regeneration scheme for a neighbourhood, or planning a new public transport system.


The Visualisation and Film group produces architectural visualisations, animations, motion graphics and films for the practice for use at concept stages, construction, marketing and final presentations.


International cooperation is the key to meeting global challenges.  the Workplace Consultancy are dedicated to matching architectural and interior design with business objectives and changing needs of organisations.

Model Making

Assisting the teams throughout the design process, the modelmaking team creates everything from sketch models to large-scale building mock-up


Feasibility studies are preliminary studies undertaken in the very early stage of a project and investigate and evaluate the potential of a site or a building and its overall condition and significance, as well as the constraints and opportunities.

Virtual Reality

We create world-class interactive digital experiences. From concept to completion and beyond, our team guides clients through the creative journey towards harnessing value from new technology platforms.

BIM Services

We adopt digital technologies to improve design decision making, communication of ideas, quality of information and reduce the risks to cost, time and quality of projects as well as environmental performance.