Hermann Kamte

Founder & CEO

As a young practice, we have gained international visibility and currently work in a range of projects in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. Through a series of international awards and rewards, HKA, focuses its work on sustainable development integrating modern design tools into its creative process to achieve contemporary and modern aesthetics.

The team believes that the creative process is fundamental for each project because each one is unique. The Team has a great interest in research articulated around the fundamentals, the functions, the design, or the use processes.

The vision is to bring new dynamics into African Architecture before investigating the worldwide community. The aim is to contribute to shaping the world by giving another appreciation, approach, and subtlety.

The challenge is difficult, the journey is long, but we want to do it. Humanity alongside all its destroying actions, or not, on nature remains at the center of our preoccupation; Its well-being is always and will always be important for them.

 Their pledge of every day is: how to make it possible without destroying our beautiful nature, our planet? With a great interest in wooden architecture, HKA proposes the study of its influence on the shaping of sustainable, resilient, and future cities. The aim is to build an alternative to the city’s reliance on concrete/steel buildings which is less sustainable. The team thinks wood is among the best solution for sustainable architecture which isn’t well explored by Architects.

That way, we want to construct a solid value, a great interest, and a better discourse around timber and its benefits through deep research. Smart cities of tomorrow which are being planned today will need materials like wood, which are sustainable, marketable, ecological, serviceable, and flexible in use.