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  • HKA | Lagos's Wooden Tower

    LAGOS'S WOODEN TOWER Lagos is the most populate city in Africa and represents a big deal for architects. City consists of 16 million inhabitants. Situated in the heart of Ikory, the most popular and the richest residential site of Nigeria, Lagos’s tower is the unique wooden structure which is designed to be a smart and sustainable building. ​ Lagos’s tower rises above the town and follow the sky and search to cross the limit of wooden construction. The new landmark is composed of mixed residential type used; it is built on the roof of Abebe Court, a housing estate. The envelope high lights Yoruba culture with their massive presence in the heart of Lagos. Inspiration comes from the history of Edo, Yoruba and Hausa people. Lagos is the oldest site of Benin Empire and it is awesome to see that there is always a traditional hierarchy in this modern city. Obe yet symbolises the king of the man, the king of Lagos state. This tower is influenced by the contest ‘they don’t fuck it’, but it wants to be integrated into the city life. ​ The entire structure is built by using resistance of LVL wood system. ​ This experimental smart tall building is developed through natural, recyclable and local material. the design improved lifestyle. It is Marketable, serviceable, economical, sustainable, environmental, Ecological and Social.​ ​ PROJECT INFO Type: Client: Team: Size: Location: Year: Status: Awards: Competition Metsä Wood Hermann Kamte N/A Lagos, Nigeria 2016 Proposal Shortlisted PRESS & PUBLICATIONS Livin Spaces DesignBoom Metsä Wood CTBUH Global News Techitt Future Architecture Platform Architizer Social Media Feed Divisare Archello 88DesignBox Indian Art n Design Buro247 Archcy AASArchitecture WoodCn ​ BOOKS African Design Magazine ​

  • HKA | Lego Lunch

    LEGO LUNCH Food is an energy resource for organisms. To procure well-being it must be safe and healthy for tasting and for consumption. Lego Lunch is designed with the intend to produce a good environment for people who want to eat or to take their daily meals during relax hours on the workday. By this opportunity to gather people, the aim is also to create a communal place in Siauliai. ​ With creative, sustainable and less expensive approach, the project is built by using recycled shipping containers (20 ft container, the must current). Conceive as modular and replicable structure, each module is independent and can be easily reproduced. Containers are the load-bearing structure with a light touch of the design. ​ Each module contains specific function allowing its flexibility, replication and maintenance if need. The restaurant is extensible in height, but before the roof is hosting a soft greenery. ​ The project creates a comfortable landmark for Siauliai community during the year. It also gives an interesting panoramic views on its neighbouring. Final Aesthetic is a mixture between warm, neutral and cold material, respectively, wood, glass and metal. ​ We benefit of this opportunity, of this energy, of these materials to leave a powerful legacy, a unique architecture in this beautiful community. PROJECT INFO Type: Client: Team: Size: Location: Year: Status: Awards: Competition Ryterna Hermann Kamte N/A Siauliai, Lithuania 2016 Proposal N/A PRESS & PUBLICATIONS David Salisbury

  • Privacy Policy - HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates

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  • HKA | Plugin Mutation

    PLUGIN MUTATION The Waffle is inspired by the structure of Water Wave and the wind flow. It wants to capture a moment of our natural environment. By this proposal, we have painted a special moment of our nature; we captured an energy flow, water dynamics. Water is life and wind to maintain it by its flow. ​ The main idea is to demonstrate to visitors how a single space can be transformed for several usages (to circulate, to stay, to relax, to sun protection, etc.). This is an ergonomic measure and a transformation that matters for people. The project is an object, a sculpture, an art and a powerful expression of architecture. The wooden waffle Structure uses a combination of CNC machinery and traditional woodworking techniques. The project is bending to be ephemeral and wood is easy recyclable, less expensive, flexible and malleable as material. ​ Wood offers derive of several products in the construction field. That is why plywood has been easily choose. ​ PROJECT INFO Type: Client: Team: Size: Location: Year: Status: Awards: Competition Roland Rom Colthoff Hermann Kamte N/A Toronto, Canada 2016 Proposal N/A PRESS & PUBLICATIONS

  • Philosophy - HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates

    HKA | PHILOSOPHY ​ HKA PHILOSOPHY ​ We Draw Inspiration from Nature We learn from the process, formations, structures, and natural life in the environment to inspire our design. Nature teaches us. There is more to architecture than the creation of beautiful forms, and it must involve all of our senses. The feeling of a soft breeze, the acoustics in a cave, or the ambiance of natural light through a tree canopy – these are elements we cannot draw, but try to involve in the experience of architecture. ​ Invisible Architecture HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates aims to explore the boundaries of the perception of architecture. When does architecture best embody the qualities and virtues of nature? With a self-effacing hand, Hermann Kamte has demonstrated through his past projects how architecture based on an understanding of ambiance and the elements can expose nature to itself. The elements become the shapers and the protagonists of the built form, not the architecture itself. ​ Architecture in Time HKA’s approach to architecture is also an embodiment of a shift in lifestyle. Based on an understanding of the life cycle of the spaces and the ever-changing use of space through time, HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates’ architecture is designed to stand the test of time and to evolve with time. In the face of a changing industry, HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates’ architecture highlights environmental initiatives and credentials that are becoming increasingly critical to the sustainability of the projects we undertake. Design for now. Design for later. Design with nature. ​ Humanizing Architecture With tall buildings, people have the ambition to go higher and higher, but as you go vertical, a lot of issues some with it-the tall scale works in the context of the city but for human scale, sometimes it can just feel too tall. We want to humanize tall buildings, to celebrate the pedestrian level and consider how people experience it. ​ Minimal Architecture HKA’s architecture showcases an intimate relationship between form and function. The design is purified to its essence and the architectural form speaks directly to the function of spaces in a programmatic sense. Simple lines and ambience materials form the palette for the interiors. With environmental design at the forefront of each design, HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates seeks to engage in a dialogue between architectural form and context, an unrelenting attempt to understand how simple natural processes can inform architectural form. ​ Game Changer Linking the loop; a milestone for Lagos Wooden Tower by MetsaGroup, proposal up in the air. Lifting the Game, Lagos Wooden Tower is about to change the skyline of Lagos, Nigeria. ​

  • HKA | Equilibrium

    EQUILIBRIUM Firstly, equilibrium is a design to resolve a social crisis by discussion. For this challenge we decided to choose our intervention area on Zagreb as European city. At Zagreb, we choose an area which can be qualified as the point of convergence; they called it THE HEART OF ZAGREB. This place has a particular connection which each important component in this city. ​ "STJEPANA RADICA" is border by, cultural building, government building, mayor office, municipal courthouse, banks, parks and housing. It appear as subtle space which can produce a really connection between people around the same action. But may also be an attractive space or reference point of this city. ​ By "equilibrium" we change the vision of people about space. This is an open space for discussion about all topics with different actors to resolve social crisis of our century: the inequality distribution of global wealth. This crisis is origin of several failures in a society; Unemployment, poverty, malnutrition, famine etc. It's like an agora of ancient Greece (the birthplace of western culture and democracy). It provides an exchange area to dialogue between all actors of society. Equilibrium also means balance, parity, equality, regularity. It comes to create Equality between people vitality, political actors, economical actors and ecological or environmental sustainability. ​ The project is based on circle for product a circular area to maintain the connection of people around the subjects Trough communication methods "Open Space Technology". ​ PROJECT INFO Type: Client: Team: Size: Location: Year: Status: Awards: Competition Think Space Hermann Kamte N/A Zabreb, Croatia 2015 Proposal N/A PRESS & PUBLICATIONS Think Public Space

  • HKA | Bicycle Studio

    BiCyCLE STUDIO project is located in Cameroon, in a peripherals cities of Yaounde: Mbalmayo. ​ Cameroon is a country of Tropical Africa (rich in natural resources including wood., It has the second largest forest reserve in Africa. With about 22 million hectares of forest, Cameroon counts 300 species of trees, ​ The project is inspired by the traditional bicycle. It is a model of reducing pollution: sustainable, efficient for our living space (Earth), favorable to environmental issues and energy transition. ​ Bicycle studio is a prototype, a model of design that puts forward the use of wood in construction. It must adapt to the climatic conditions of the tropics and be now financially within reach of all, if not the large number of people. So its lightness and adaptability makes it a solution perfectly applicable to the countries that have a large access to wood and accessible to others countries. ​ The main goals are: encourage the use of wood by people in construction; provide a sustainable, effective and simple solution by its implementation; propose a project that is both flexible and favorable for environmental and energy transition. ​ ​ PROJECT INFO Type: Client: Team: Size: Location: Year: Status: Awards: Research N/A Hermann Kamte N/A Mbalmayo, Cameroon 2012 Proposal N/A PRESS & PUBLICATIONS

  • HKA | Asteroidea - Floating City

    ASTEROIDEA - FLOATING CITY The man's action has continued to exert great pressure on nature. This action is more and more growing and is partly responsible for global warming. Possible melting polar ice caps, essential reserve of fresh water will have a major impact on the oceans level. This mounted estimated by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in the order of 20 to 90 cm for 2100. This crisis invites us to propose an alternative solutions for more than 9 billion human beings or in 2030, the potential climate refugees. Firstly, It is important to think about an adaptation strategy and sustainable solutions around this environmental crisis and this climate exodus. Then, what sustainable and efficient solutions will we consider for the future? Asteroidea is an amphibian city that can accommodate up to 50,000 inhabitants to meet the Challenges of rising sea levels. Our Ecopolis, Hydropolis is the "optimal self-sufficient" in various everyday sectors (energy, food, economy, etc.). Aquatic city offers an alternative to climate refugees and preservation the environment. Asteroidea is inspired both by morphology, the symbolic and the lifestyle of five arms starfish. The city trips by floating on the "sixth continent": the world ocean. It creates an environment that enlarges the ecological qualities by offering recycling systems and efficient waste treatment. Asteroidea carries the hope for the future of humanity. ​ PROJECT INFO Type: Client: Team: Size: Location: Year: Status: Awards: Competition Jacque Rougerie Foundation Hermann Kamte N/A World Ocean 2014 Proposal Preselected PRESS & PUBLICATIONS Jacques Rougerie Foundation Architizer ​ ​

  • HKA | Growing Up - FLORIM

    GROWING UP - FLORIM Growing Up is a temporary architectural pavilion devoted to host and to showcase pictures from the most relevant pieces of architecture featured by Florim. ​ Growing Up is a flexible and a demountable structure assembled from wood frame. The installation looks in construction or in progress. The design represents the goals of Florim, The pavilion is named “Growing Up” because, the structure itself is unique and it seems in progress, strange or unachieved. Growing Up represents the realization of the past, the effort of the present and the incertitude of the future: it is a whole. ​ People commonly say “Time is money”, but here we try to show that Time is much more; time is important “time is running out”. This abstract element can’t be controlled by human, by us. Time also represents “projects or future” maybe that is why we always running for more time, more second: “hey! Lay it on me”. Time is our most precious resource because time is running out. ​ The installation is the pieces of wooden frames which can be assembled to the workshop and mounted on the site. Superposition is the logic of assembly of each wooden frame piece as we built a pyramid. The main assembling mode is dowel joints between frame pieces, bolts may only use as an alternative assembling solution. This wooden pavilion uses a combination of CNC machinery and traditional woodworking techniques. ​ PROJECT INFO Type: Client: Team: Size: Location: Year: Status: Awards: Competition Florim Hermann Kamte N/A Milan, Italia 2016 Proposal N/A PRESS & PUBLICATIONS