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  • Team : HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates

    Client : Project Baltia

    Size : 45 sqm

    Partner : N/A

    Type : Competition

    Statut : Proposal

    Awards : N/A

  • Baltic House is inspired by traditional architecture and culture of northern country and oriental culture. The pavilion has been conceived in respect of St Petersburg cultural influence through centuries. The Original response of this proposal remains on its beauty, lightness and softness. The shape follows the natural landscaped with its elongated aspect, we remember about beautiful coloured and diverse landscape (tundra and taiga from winter to fall) around the year combine by the city architectural quality.

    At this moment, our innovative design integrated some features to serve the needs of people, the place is accessible from every person and it is not limited to waiting but also contains accommodations, garbage disposal, indoor greenery and a free public Wi-Fi. For us, another aesthetic is to combine a perfect integration on its surroundings and to respond to the needs of the users.

    Working about natural daylight or artificial lighting was a graceful. Wood, Polycarbonate and Polyethylene have been choosing as main material. Wood is the symbol of audacity, flexibility and evolution. It is also available in this region, the project is like a light box, translucent polyethylene allows bringing diffuse light inside the box and luminous effect at night providing by LED Lighting. Transparent polycarbonate allows people inside to have a clear view of public transport.

  • Bus Station, Transportation, Hub, Public


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