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  • Team : HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates

    Client : N/A

    Size : 40 sqm

    Partner : N/A

    Type : Research

    Statut : Idea

    Awards : N/A

    Landscape Architect : N/A

    Structural Engineer : N/A

    Electrical Engineer : N/A

    Mechanical Engineer : N/A

    Plumbing Engineer : N/A

    Architect of Record : N/A

  • BCS/CS, our project is located in Cameroon, more precisely in one of its peripherals cities: the middle city of Mbalmayo.

    Cameroon is a country of Tropical Africa (rich in natural resources including wood), which has the second largest forest reserve in Africa. With about 22 million hectares of forest, Cameroon counts 300 species of trees, including some sixty species which are subject of regular exploitation destined to the commercialization or the consumption. Mbalmayo is located approximately 48 km from Yaoundé (capital of Cameroon). The town benefits of exploitable forests, wood processing industries and the University Institute for Wood Technology. We also note that the town belongs to a tropical humid climate.

    BCS/CS is a prototype, a model of design that puts forward the use of wood in construction. It must adapt to the climatic conditions of the tropics and be now financially within reach of all, if not the large number of people. So its lightness and adaptability makes it a solution perfectly applicable to the countries that have a large access to wood and accessible to others countries.

  • Residential, Housing, Tiny House


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