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  • Team : HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates

    Client : Child Friendly Public Space

    Size : + 10 000 sqm 

    Partner : N/A

    Type : Competition

    Statut : Proposal

    Awards : N/A

  • Chalk's games is a space defining various games / activities available for children on a sidewalk, driveway, Chalk's games is a space for temporary games that can be re-adapted to the conditions and liking of the children. This play area is only possible during hot periods of the year, in the absence of rain. This space is favourable in summer, late spring and early autumn. We imagine here several interactive games for children that boost their communication and creation. This style of interactive games is growing with families, parents and children, because it is not only a way to have fun but also remains a method of learning, culture and also has a sports connotation.

    What's funnier than revise having fun? We put on stage a space at once: education, recreation, culture, community and sports. We accumulate all its functions in a privileged space, historical, and heritage community and within a single project: Chalk's games. To create this space, we use here, chalk as the predominant material hence its name: Chalk's games. The chalk was used as sticks to write on blackboards of the classrooms in the schools. Chalk for teaching is made of plaster added pigments for colored chalk.

    Thus, it is a material not only essential for children during the academic course, but even more in the playground. Used chalk to produce a playground proves initially beneficial in several ways. Large sidewalk chalks are appreciated by children because they allow to create great playgrounds such as the famous hopscotch. The large sidewalk chalk is ideal for children's hands, non-toxic and washable.

  • Children, Playground, Culture, Landscape, Education


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