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  • Team : HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates

    Client : Municipality Of Dubai

    Size : + 100 000 sqm

    Partner : N/A

    Type : Invited Competition

    Statut : Proposal

    Awards : N/A

  • Dubai is representing culture across the globe aside its position as a financial centre. People are travelling into Dubai from across the world to discover technology and to observe architectural designs. “FINE FLOWER - DUBAI HEART” is planned to be the largest iconic and amazing leisure park in the incredible city and in the world. To be the most complete water park of the world, the project is dealing with the relationship between Architecture and Nature. The design has identified the need to explore the connection between Humans and three main elements; Water, Earth, and Air. The project is going to hold the record for the world tallest artificial waterfall.

    The challenge was to create a concept that will provide an amazing leisure atmosphere with respect for the site environments. “FINE FLOWER - DUBAI HEART” has a welcoming beautiful heart-shaped design to promote the quality of life in Dubai and be recognized within the community and region.

    The concept of “FINE FLOWER - DUBAI HEART” was to highlight the current position of Dubai since it is the city of the pop culture and the dream of humanity and everybody wants to travel and experience it. “FLOWER” is a natural element which needs water, air, and earth to grow.

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