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  • Team : HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates

    Client : Research

    Size : +60 000 sqm

    Partner : N/A

    Type : Research

    Statut : Idea

    Awards : N/A

  • Today, office buildings occupy a very high percentage of space after residential homes. They also need too much energy and then what will be the future of the planet. How the futuristic cities will look for? How to design them?

     In 2050 we will be about 11 billion including 7 billion in the urban area. These people will make significant pressure on the town and resources. Skyscrapers will be smart, they will both respond to spatial, energy, environmental, ecological and bioclimatic demand. 

     The Cameroon is a first step test country. From tropical Africa with the second-largest forest wealth of the continent there are 300 species estimated at 22 million hectares.

     Native Skyscraper is built with experimental wooden structure. It is inspired by elements of traditional (Africa) and biomimicry architecture. It has a dynamic shape and seems like a Baobab. Project emphasises benefits of wood.

    The design comes from the history of the site. Art, sculpture and local culture is symbolised by the ovoid and amorphous structures. This site is the old city core. Biomimicry inspiration is the ‘Baobab: Tree of Africa’ which want to imitate nature. By its unique look, there are only 9 species of baobab tree on the planet. As a symbol, Baobab is Africa.

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