The main idea of the Project is to produce a space that reflects “the spirit of gathering and the specificities of the member countries of the BEAC”. We take support on the BEAC which has set up to gather the countries of the CEMAC around a common project the single currency to enhance trade in their breasts. In a global village prone to globalization or globalization to various influences, the driving force of this proposal is articulated around cultural themes that aim at the gathering and the prosperity of the peoples and nations that make up the BEAC.

Inspiration as the nourishing sap of the design results from the exploration of cultural and architectural elements both common to
the BEAC member country and specific to the Cameroon host country of the project. A combination in the exploration was made in the representation of “Mousgoum Architecture with the Obus Case” and “the aesthetics of the Bantu Traditional Mask”. These two strong elements of the project seduced the world by their representation and their characteristics; this project is a living
tribute and the symbol of this recognition that the community has given to its own culture, has its own feats. This design will express in the picturesque landscape of the city to the seven hills, a functional work with an architectural aesthetic that belongs to the museum of immortals. This complex becomes a monumental work in the urban aesthetics of Yaoundé

Categories: Competition, Proposal,

Status: Proposal

Completed at:

Team: HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates & Sata Afrique

Client: BEAC

Location: Yaounde, Cameroon